About Overseer Ronnie King

Over 30 years of ministry and service

Overseer Ronnie King answered his call in November of 1991, while serving at New Mount Temple Tabernacle and became a Minister of the gospel. He has always had a passion for people. This passion for people helped him find his way to serve on the Evangelistic Street Ministry staff. He would faithfully spend his Friday nights witnessing to those who are homeless and suffered from drug addiction. The elderly have a special place in the heart of Overseer King. He would visit the rest home at least once a week to sit with the elderly and bring them recordings of the preached word. Overseer King and his family served faithfully at Mount Temple Tabernacle for 14 years.
     In 1996 he and his family began to serve under the leadership of Bishop George Bloomer at Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, NC. Shortly after arriving, he was ordained by Bishop Bloomer as an Elder. These were the founding days of the ministry and Overseer King served in various ministerial capacities to ensure that things were in place to help the ministry grow. He has served as the Tent Ministry and Transportation Ministry head.

     In 2007, when Bishop Bloomer founded the Goldsboro church, Overseer King was elevated to District Elder. He stood in the stead of Bishop George Bloomer to ensure that things ran smoothly for 6 years. After the Goldsboro church, he was appointed as Overseer of Bethel Family Worship Center and CLURT International Assemblies. He became very instrumental in aiding Bishop George Bloomer in Pastoral duties. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center.
     Overseer King has always had the innate ability to make people laugh. While serving on the drama ministry at Bethel, “Deacon Grey” was born and he has traveled doing comedy shows for 20 years. Overseer King currently resides in Durham, NC.